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ACCT 505 Midterm New

ACCT 505 Midterm  New

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These are the automatically computed results of your exam. Grades for essay questions, and comments from your instructor, are in the “Details” section below.

Date Taken:        2015

Time Spent:        1 h , 56 min , 33 secs

Points Received:              144 / 150  (96%)

Question Type: # Of Questions:                # Correct:

Multiple Choice                10           9

Short     1              N/A

Essay     3              N/A

Question 1.         Question :           (TCO A) Wages paid to an assembly line worker in a factory are a

Question 2.         Question :           (TCO A)  The costs of staffing and operating the accounting department at Central Hospital would be considered by the Department of Surgery to be

Question 3.         Question :           (TCO A) Property taxes on a company’s factory building would be classified as a(n)

Question 4.         Question :           (TCO A) Within the relevant range, variable costs can be expected to

Question 5.         Question :           (TCO F) Which of the following statements is true?

  1. Overhead application may be made slowly as a job is worked on.
  2. Overhead application may be made in a single application at the time of completion of the job.

III. Overhead application should be made to any job not completed at year end in order to properly value the work in process inventory.


Question 6.         Question :           (TCO F) Which of the following statements about the process-costing system is incorrect?

Question 7.         Question :           (TCO F) The weighted-average method of process costing differs from the FIFO method of process costing in that the weighted-average method

Question 8.         Question :           (TCO B)  The contribution margin ratio always decreases when the

Question 9.         Question :           (TCO B)  Which of the following would not affect the break-even point?

Question 10.      Question :           (TCO E) Under variable costing,




Grade Details – All Questions



Question 1.        Question :           (TCO A) The following data (in thousands of dollars) have been taken from the accounting records of Larklin Corporation for the just-completed year.


Sales      $820

Purchases of raw materials          $195

Direct labor         $170

Manufacturing overhead             $250

Administrative expenses              $180

Selling expenses              $140

Raw materials inventory, beginning         $80

Raw materials inventory, ending               $35

Work-in-process inventory, beginning   $65

Work-in-process inventory, ending         $30

Finished goods inventory, beginning       $130

Finished goods inventory, ending             $165

Prepare a Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured statement in the text box below.




Question 2.        Question :           (TCO F) The Indiana Company manufactures a product that goes through three processing departments. Information relating to activity in the first department during June is given below.


Percentage Completed

Units     Materials             Conversion

Work in process, June 1                70,000   65%        45%

Work in process, Jun 30 60,000   75%        65%

The department started 290,000 units into production during the month and transferred 300,000 completed units to the next department.

Required: Compute the equivalent units of production for the first department for June, assuming that the company uses the weighted-average method of accounting for units and costs.




Question 3.        Question :           (TCO B) Drake Company’s income statement for the most recent year appears below.


Sales (45,000 units)         $1,350,000

Less: variable expenses                750,000

Contribution margin       600,000

Less: fixed expenses      375,000

Net operating income    $225,000


Calculate the unit contribution margin.

Calculate the the break-even point in dollars.

If the company desires a net operating income of $290,000, how many units must it sell?

Question 4.        Question :           (TCO E) Maffei Company, which has only one product, has provided the following data concerning its most recent month of operations.


Selling price        $175


Units in beginning inventory       0

Units produced 9,500

Units sold            8,000

Units in ending Inventory             1,500


Variable costs per unit:

Direct materials                $55

Direct labor         $38

Variable manufacturing overhead            $2

Variable selling and admin           $10


Fixed costs:

Fixed manufacturing overhead  $300,000

Fixed selling and admin $125,000


What is the unit product cost for the month under variable costing?

What is the unit product cost for the month under absorption costing?

Prepare an income statement for the month using the variable costing method.

Prepare an income statement for the month using the absorption costing method.

MMH733: Ethics for Managers Assignment 2

MMH733: Ethics for Managers
Assignment 2
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Submission: online via CloudDeakin
Weight: 40%
Word limit: 3000 words
Formatting: 1.5 line spacing; 12 point font; Times New Roman/Arial
Task: Individual

Using the case study of Walmart, address the following questions:
(1) Do you think Walmart is doing enough to become more
sustainable? Using examples from your research on Walmart,
evaluate its sustainability activities regarding employees, society
and the environment.
(2) What are the most significant ethical issues Walmart has faced in
the past, and what has the company done to address them?
(3) Assess Walmart’s corporate social responsibility using the fourpart
CSR model. (For example, is Walmart socially responsible
while it has a devastating impact on small merchants? What about
its impact on communities in terms of sprawl, traffic congestion,
and impact on the environment? What responsibility does the
company have to these merchants or to the communities in which
it enters?)
(4) According to Mitchell et al’s (1997) three key relationship attributes
(power, legitimacy and urgency), who are Walmart’s key
stakeholders? (For example, did Walmart effectively manage its
relationship with these stakeholders? What type of stakeholder
relationship did Walmart tend to have with its stakeholders?)
(5) What does it mean for an organisation like Walmart to be ethical in
its communications and practice? Discuss with relevant examples,
and provide a number of recommendations for the organisation in
order for it to be a more ethical company in the future.

Ethics for Managers Case study Template
Cover Page
Ensure a cover page is attached to the front of your report, showing unit
name, your name, date of submission, and your student ID number.
Abstract (approx. 100 words; not included in word count)
Type in a short abstract that briefly describes the purpose of the project,
and what the main findings are. (You may want to do the abstract once the
assignment is done.)
Introduction (approx. 100 words)
This section must cover two main things
(a) a brief introduction and background to the study
(b) the objectives of the study
For the introduction and background, you must provide a brief introduction
to the reader about the assignment, its relevance and importance etc.
Objectives: You need to clearly state the key objectives (2-3) of the
Analysis of the case study (approx. 2800 words)
Address the 5 questions representing the issues that you need to consider.
You should attempt to allocate approximately equal weight to each of the
questions (500 – 600 words per questions).

MMH733 – case study 4
Conclusion (approx. 100 words)
Write short concluding comments which reminds the reader what the main
purpose of the research was, how you went about addressing the
objectives of the study, what data you used and the main findings were.
Also write a short paragraph on the main limitations of the study…i.e. what
is/are the main weaknesses of the study which you would like to bring to the
attention of the readers.
Include a list of relevant references in alphabetical order.
Appendix (optional)
Submission of Report
Students are required to submit only an electronic copy of their report (in
MS Word) in the area provided on Cloud Deakin by 23h59 on the due date.
Additional Information
Use tables and diagrams where appropriate. All tables and diagrams must
be numbered, labeled and briefly explained in the text of your paper e.g.
“Table 2 shows the GDP growth of the main economies ….”
Use a 12 point font. (Times New Roman or Arial). The report should be 1.5
line spaced with an extra line space between each paragraph. Please use
page numbers and indicate at the end of your report the word count.

MMH733 – case study 5
Word Count
The word limit is 3000 and will be strictly adhered to. A 10% penalty (from
the available marks) will apply for deviating from this word limit. The
following sections are NOT included in the word count:
Cover Page; Abstract; References; Appendices.
Students are expected to prepare for the report by reading and citing a
range of references. These could include journal articles, books, newspaper
articles, business reports, and government reports.
Extensions may be granted on the grounds of illness or special
consideration (not foreseen possibilities like travel time taken for work). If
you need an extension please discuss this with the unit chair as soon as
possible. A medical certificate must accompany any extension requests
based on illness.
Assessment of the report
This report is worth 40% of your final grade. The detailed marking guide will
be provided separately on CloudDeakin. You should refer to these criteria
when preparing your report for submission. The use of this Assessment
Sheet ensures that students’ reports are marked by the same standards
and criteria. Your results and assessor’s comments will be returned to you
normally within 15 business days of the due date (unless an extension has
been granted). Marks can be accessed from D2L. You will be notified by an
announcement on Cloud Deakin. Students are expected to regularly check
Cloud Deakin for such announcements.


LEA 201 Week 5 Reflective Paper

LEA 201 Week 5 Reflective Paper   

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 The Reflective Paper should demonstrate understanding of the reading materials, as well as, new materials discussed and researched throughout the course. The eight to ten page paper should integrate readings, discussions, and prior work and life experiences. It may include explanations and examples from previous experience, as well as implications for future application.

The Reflective Paper must focus on three of the major topics of discussion listed and identified throughout the course. Identify the impact these topics can have on the administration of the law enforcement organization. The topics for a summary include the following which are identified in subject order:

  • PoliceandAdministration
    § NewInformationTechnologies
    § Intelligence-LedPolicing
    § HomelandSecurity
    § PoliticsandPoliceAdministration
    § TraditionalOrganizationalTheory
    § OrganizationalStructureandCommunityPolicing §LeadershipandMotivation
    § LeadershipStyles
    § PlanningandDecisionMaking
    § OrganizationalCommunication
    § HumanResourceManagement
    § PersonnelInvestigationsandDiscipline
    § LaborRelations
    § Budget Formats
    § StressinLawEnforcement
    § LiabilityRegardingDeadlyForceandPursuits
    § AdministrativeDisciplineandDueProcess
    § OrganizationalChangeandtheFuture 

The Reflective Paper must identify the main issues within the selected areas of reference, depict the new learning that has

occurred throughout the course, and relate specific, current, and/or relevant experiences from your past or current workplace and/or organization that demonstrate applicable learning and understanding. The emphasis of the Paper should be the expression of gained knowledge and learning. 



LEA 201 Week 3 Reflective Paper Draft

 LEA 201 Week 3 Reflective Paper Draft 

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Reflective Paper Draft. Submit a rough draft of your Reflective Paper. You will receive feedback on the status of your paper and you will receive up to five percent for submitting the draft.

Your draft must meet the following requirements: § Your ideas must be in paragraph form. 

  •  Write the draft on three of the major topics of discussion listed and identified throughout the course and the impact they can have on the administration of the law enforcement organization. NOTE: Review the Reflective Paper instructions found in Week Five of your online course or in the “Components of Course Evaluation” section of this guide.
  •  The draft must be spell checked and, at this point, be two to three pages of double spaced text in length.
  •  The draft must have a title page prepared in APA style.
  •  The draft must include a reference page with at least five sources written in APA format. 



LEA 201 Week 2 Organizational Design Help or Hindrance

LEA 201 Week 2 Organizational Design Help or Hindrance

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Organizational Design: Help or Hindrance? Identify two medium to large-sized cities’ law enforcement agencies within the United States. Write a three to five page paper comparing two organizational design structures relating to the law enforcement organizations. Complete a thorough analysis and provide an opinion regarding the structure’s impact on the organization, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the structure in relation to the focus of the policing within the organization. In addition to the text, use at least three scholarly sources to support your comparison and analysis.



INF 410 Final -Field of Project Management

INF 410 Final -Field of Project Management

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The final six to eight page paper must demonstrate understanding of new learning in the field of project management. It is mandatory to have research from the classroom text, as well as two sources from the internet or online library to support your views. It is recommended to use examples from your professional experience where possible, or build from your learning in the discussion boards. (Suggestion: use at least one project of which you have been either a team member or a project manager as an example to describe the topics below):

The following topics must be reviewed in order for the paper to be complete:

Define project management and explain its importance to the business world.
Explain project life-cycle management and the benefits of project management to an organization.
Explain the concepts of planning in the project life-cycle and how research and critical thinking is mandatory in planning.
Explain project organizations and the importance of leadership and sponsorship.
Explain project team building, including techniques of successful team building.
Explain how to create a work breakdown structure and how a project manager breaks down the overall project into packages.
Explain the need for project management software in large integrated programs and the benefits to the overall project management organization.




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Monthly Status Report to Sponsors. Assume you are the project manager for a software company and your team is in charge of delivering an update to tax preparation software for the next tax season. The project team has ten software developers working together, but located across the country. You have the following information about the project, and need to provide a status to the sponsors. Please write a one page status report to the sponsors in APA format, providing a clear indication of status of the project. (Suggestion: Red, Yellow, or Green for status). The sponsors also like to only know the two most important risks, and what could be done to mitigate the risk if it happens. The conclusion of the status report must describe any requests for additional resources, if they are necessary.


INF 342 Final Paper -Six Sigma

 INF 342 Final Paper -Six Sigma

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INF 342 Week 5 Final Paper

Focus of the Research Paper

For your Final Paper, you are to write about the Six Sigma process improvement model used by most Six Sigma organizations: DMAIC – for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. Specifically, your paper should answer the following questions and include the completed tasks:

  1. Describe the Six Sigma process.
  2. Explain each of the five steps of a Six Sigma project.
  3. Identify an organization that has successfully utilized the Six Sigma process and explain the purpose of the project, the outcome of the project, and the major accomplishments or milestones associated with each of the five steps.
  4. Describe a past or present project that implemented the Six Sigma process.
  5. Discuss at least two new techniques, tools, or methods you learned in doing this research that you think could have been applied to a past or present project.


INF 337 Final Paper

INF 337 Final Paper


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Focus of the Research Paper

Use at least one project you have been a team member of or a project manager for as an example to contextualize the research topics below:
All of the following topics must be addressed in order for the paper to be complete:

  • Discuss the importance of work packages to support the creation and use of the WBS.
  • Examine how to establish a cost and schedule performance measurement baseline.
  • Present examples of EVM and how it will help the PM understand project status.
  • Examine how the PM uses project control charts to show project status and represent value.
  • Recommend an effective change management process to ensure a successful project.
    Writing the Research Paper
    The Research Paper:
  1. Must be six to eight double-spaced pages in length (not including the title and reference pages) and formatted
    according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide.
  2. Must include a title page with the following:
  • Title of paper
  • Student’s name
  • Course name and number
  • Instructor’s name
  • Date submitted
  1. Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.
  2. Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
  3. Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.
  4. Must use at least three scholarly sources from the Internet or Ashford Online Library.
  5. Must use APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide to document all sources.
  6. Must include, on the final page, a reference page that is completed according to APA style as outlined in the
    approved APA style guide.